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Manuela wears: Fabiola Korin jewelry | Ted Baker dress, Bloomingdale's, The Shops at Riverside (styled by Patricia Beckmann, fashion consultant) Hair color and cut: Frank Grippo, BBC Salon, Tenafly Hair styling: Jamal Tadros, Kink Salon, Englewood Makeup: Karlene, Esthetica MD, Englewood (Photo by Chris Marksbury)
Posted: Sunday May 18, 2014, 12:35 PM

Manuela Seigerman exudes grace and elegance – from her clothing choices to the way she lives her life on a daily basis.

"Fashion to me goes beyond what I wear," she says. "I believe that true style is what comes from the inside."     Sticking to conservative fashions, Seigerman opts for classic dresses, accessories and timeless ensembles.

"I think I would lose who I am if I tried to wear something edgy, or very different," she says. "I don't want to draw attention to myself, and I'm certainly not flashy."

When it comes to accessories, Seigerman absolutely loves earrings. Boasting a large collection, she is drawn to the beauty in the color green.

Although Seigerman enjoys fashion, she doesn't buy something based on the name brand attached to it.

"I can buy a pair of earrings from someone on the beach in Brazil or from Tiffany's, as long as it makes me happy," she says.

"I have Chanel and Fendi because I like them, not because I need them," she says. "There's nothing fashionable about having the latest handbag if you can not light up a room when you are in it."

Her inspiration for style comes from her father, whom she describes as the most fashionable man she's ever met, from his perfect shave, to his shoes and endless collection of shirts.

"More importantly, he has a huge heart, a passion for people and animals, and a life devoted to treating everyone who crosses his path with compassion and respect," she says.

Without a doubt, Seigerman practices her father's teachings in her day-to-day life and shows her passion toward people in the way she lives.

"Being chic means knowing the names of the people who work at your local grocery shops, the name of the crossing guards at your children's schools, your teller at the bank," she says. "It means wearing a smile at all times and letting your personality speak. A fancy woman on the outside only can be easily forgotten."

Seigerman is a firm believer in volunteer work and giving back and began volunteering at just 5 years old.

"I have so much to give and love spending time with children and the elderly," Seigerman says. "Maybe that's because they are the two categories of people that need the most love."

She is very involved with charities, such as the Women's Rights Information Center and Center for Food Action in Englewood. She does regular volunteer work with Jovannie Lorenzo and Jen Maxfield.

Seigerman has taught her children the importance of helping others. For her daughter Sofia's fifth birthday, she invited 20 underprivileged children to have a princess day at The Clinton Inn.

"Sofia saved money for six months to buy princess dresses for the kids," Seigerman says. "Each underprivileged child provided me with a list of three wishes they had, which was distributed to every guest before the party. The children had a magical day spending time with Ariel, Snow White and Cinderella, getting their hair and nails done, dancing and receiving special presents."

Seigerman enjoys her time at home with her husband, Dr. Howard Seigerman, a neuroradiologist and the director of radiology at The Valley Hospital, and their two children, Sofia, 6, and Matthew, 4.

"Howard supports me a 100 percent," she says. "Whether it's a big dream or a small dream, he believes in me and is proud of me."

Seigerman's favorite time is playing with her kids and engaging in creative activities, such as arts and crafts or drama.

"It's so important to encourage children to express their emotions and feelings," she says. "My house is definitely the drop-off place for all the kids."

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