Kindergarten teacher Marion Beaven with her students after their first day of school.
SEP 9 1964
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A look back at Bergen's past.
(Archive photo from Aug. 6, 1972)
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originally published in The Record, Aug. 6, 1972
A host of enthusiastic young townspeople supporting the Nov. 7 referendum to buy Spring Lake. (Originally published in The Ridgewood News, Oct. 28, 1972)
Posted: Friday July 22, 2011, 10:19 AM
A host of enthusiastic young townspeople supporting the Nov. 7 referendum to buy Spring Lake.
Bernard "Buzzy" Levine has been selling vintage guitars to some of the biggest names in rock for more than 30 years. He is holding a vintage acoustic model in his Teaneck shop. (Photo by Tyson Trish)
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Throughout Bergen and Passaic counties, a number of modest music stores manage to survive, often catering to eager teenagers noodling with acoustic and electric guitars and dreaming of a future in a band. Lark Street Music on Cedar Lane in Teaneck is one of these.
Girls learn figure proportioning in calisthenics class from a Swedish instructor at the Air Career School. (The Ridgewood News, Feb. 16, 1960)
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A look back at Bergen County yesteryear.
Dale, Fletch and Glenn Creamer of J. Fletcher Creamer & Son. (Photo courtesy of Robert Flock)
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Founded in 1923, J. Fletcher Creamer & Son Inc. remains one of the premier contractors in New Jersey, a recognized name throughout the United States and pretty much a model of how create a truly lasting family business.
A group of young fans from Ridgewood surrounds former Houston Astros first baseman and outfielder Curt Biefary.
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A look back at Bergen County of yesteryear.
John Scherr (Photo by Ted Axelrod)
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It was 1981 and Jon Hanson, commissioner of the Sports and Exposition Authority, wanted Ol' Blue Eyes to open the Meadowlands' Brendan Byrne Arena with Bruce Springsteen playing the next six nights. But Sinatra wasn't coming...
New Bridge Landing.  Back of the Steuben House reflected in standing water at New Bridge Landing. Danielle P. Richards / The Record
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Our first president made stops around Bergen.
Childhood games will always be part of our memories.
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The games we used to play (and how to play them)
Santa at Garden State Plaza, Paramus November 20, 1975
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"He, of course, welcomed the season to the shoppers, but reminded all of us who drove by that winter was here!"
Before the days of online ticket purchases, crowds would line up for hours to see box-office blockbusters.
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How Bergen grabbed its light sabers at the Stanley Warner.
The Old Burying Ground also known as Blauvelt Cemetery, on Old Tappan Road in Harrington Park (Photo by Colleen White)
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OK, maybe spirits don't roam in Bergen County, but try telling that to ghost hunters and lovers of local lore. Every region of the country boasts legends of visitors from the great beyond and Bergen is no exception.
The 280-year-old Brinkerhoff-Demarest House has remained largely unchanged since its construction in the 1700s, except for some minor renovations and the downsizing of its traditional Dutch kitchen. (Photo circa 1900)
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Finding "home sweet home" in the 280-year-old Briinkerhoff-Demarest House.
Paul Hahn, trick shot artist, is shown as he preformed in an exhibition held Sunday at the Ridgewood Country Club. The Hahn exhibitiion was part of the club's Members-Guests Day festivities which also included a buffet and dance attended by some 400 persons. Showing complete trust in Mr. Hahn's ability is Harold Reinauer, member of the country club's board of governors.
AUG 12 1959
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A look back to a 1959 article from The Ridgewood News.
Above, the Oritani and Fox theaters on Main Street in Hackensack. Today, the Oritani building houses a travel service and a clothing store.
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After an almost decade-long codependent relationship with their videocassette recorders — technology that Jack Valenti, then the president of the Motion Picture Association of America, compared to the Boston strangler — folks were ready to leave their houses again to sample, on a BIG screen, such late 1980s hits as "Moonstruck," "Broadcast News," "Bull Durham" and "Fatal Attraction."
Girls and boys who served as carriers for the Ridgewood Newspapers, under guidance of Harris Davis of the circulation department.
AUG 23 1973
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Girls and boys, who as carriers for the Ridgewood Newspapers earned their way to the recent N.Y. Mets versus St. Louis Cardinals baseball game at Shea Stadium, signed on board outside the newspaper’s office at 30 Oak St. in Ridgewood.
Vintage photo of Cooper's Pond in Bergenfield (Photo by Bob Brush)
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If Shakespeare was correct in saying that one touch of nature makes the whole world kin, then perhaps nothing has strengthened the bonds of generations of Bergenfield residents quite like Cooper's Pond.
Palisades Amusement Park once boasted the country's largest outdoor saltwater pool, which opened more than 100 years ago. Chief lifeguard Bunty Hill mans his post in this photo from the '50s. (Photo courtesy of Tom Meyers)
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For the hottest ticket this side of the Hudson, crowds flocked to Palisades Amusement Park, which drew thousands upon thousands of kids and adults in its heyday.
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Graveyards across the county are filled with the remains of hundreds of famous – and sometimes infamous – movie stars, business tycoons, patriots and diplomats and sports figures of the last three centuries.
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Village crews worked Saturday and Sunday to clear streets and sidewalks in the business district for the opening of the three-day sales event and the bare pavement is proof of the job they did. The...
Fox Studios in Fort Lee, 1914. (Photos courtesy of the Fort Lee Film Commission)
Posted: Tuesday May 15, 2012, 01:03 PM
Movie comedy celebrates the 100th year of its birth -- in Fort Lee
Twenty happy 4-year-olds, all students in the Allendale Archer Cooperative Nursery School, take time out for a snack while enjoying a fall hayride through Franklin Lakes, conducted by Alvin Packer, who had a farm there.
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A look back at vintage Bergen County.
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Alpine antenna tower stands in tribute to the inventor of FM radio.
Palisades Amusement Park featured such beloved rides as the Tunnel of Love and the Cyclone coaster.
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Remembering Palisades Amusement Park
Posted: Wednesday February 13, 2013, 10:29 AM
For some, yesterday's snow might have been a minor annoyance.
SPARTAN SPIRIT OF '76: Members of the marching band, color guard, flag squad and twirlers gather on the field of Paramus High School to pose for the 1976 yearbook picture.
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Give me a "P" for Paramus!
The 200-foot-by-50-foot mural was painted by Stefan Knapp. The mural’s panels are currently being stored in a warehouse in Carlstadt. (Photo courtesy of The Record)
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Alexander’s, which opened in 1967, was known for two things: for not being part of the adjacent Green Acres shopping center (getting around the fence that separated them required patience and/or a helicopter) and for the curious abstract paintings that ran around the building’s perimeter.
Englewood was an unassuming collection of farms before J. Wyman Jones invested in the area. His influence brought booming business to Palisade Avenue, which in the 1800s was a muddy dirt road.
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Jones Road pays tribute to Englewood's founding father, J. Wyman Jones.