A film crew with E! News taping actor Jason Biggs in the hallway of Hasbrouck Heights High School for the film "American Reunion."
A film crew with E! News taping actor Jason Biggs in the hallway of Hasbrouck Heights High School for the film "American Reunion."
Posted: Friday February 24, 2012, 11:16 AM
Hometown Reunion: Jason Biggs returns to Hasbrouck Heights

Since he graduated from high school here in 1996, actor Jason Biggs never had the time to return home and attend a class reunion.

A private impromptu class gathering planned for Saturday in the high school gym will not only provide a setting for classmates to rekindle old memories, but parts of the gathering will be filmed and used in the movie "American Reunion," a third sequel to 1999's "American Pie."

Biggs, 33, who has a starring role in all four comedy films, said he wanted to return home to capture the real-life excitement of attending a class reunion.

"I did this movie about a high school reunion, and realized that I never went to a high school reunion," said Biggs, who studied acting briefly in college before landing a role in a television show and moving to California. "I thought, 'How much fun would it be to do that?' "

On Thursday, Biggs and members of an E! News film crew toured the empty hallways and classrooms of the school, as he talked to several teachers and students and reflected on his days as a high school student.

"I'm just reminiscing and getting some background footage for the show," he said.

After talking to a group of students, he said, "I see a lot of myself when I was their age."

In the school's hallway, Biggs' picture is among dozens of photographs of students mounted on the wall, recognized for their achievements — his for being a member of the National Honor Society.

Parts of the interview will air on E! News the week before "American Reunion" is released on April 6, he said.

The school is closed this week for winter recess.


A 'quiet confidence'


Erin Schneeweiss, one of Biggs' drama teachers, said she still remembers his abilities on stage.

"There was always a quiet confidence and understanding," said Schneeweiss, who has taught at the school for 24 years. "There was always an awareness of everything around him. … He's always shown humility."

Now married to actress Jenny Mollen, Biggs lives in Los Angeles and has played in several movies, including "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back," along with roles in soap operas and on Broadway.

For Saturday's real-life get-together, he said his connection will be long-lost classmates.