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Children of the Spiritus Mundi organization rehearse. The agency promotes cultural unity and helps instill self-esteem in underprivileged children through song and dance. (Photo courtesy of Ken Spooner)
Posted: Thursday January 31, 2013
By Lianna Albrizio

Inside a tidy orphanage with a spacious play area and a well-stocked kitchen in a rundown neighborhood in southern Amman, Jordan, River Vale filmmaker Ken Spooner and crew members of Montclair State University met a rambunctious little girl named Islam who mellowed in front of the cameras.

"She was happy to see us," Spooner recalls. "She was grabbing on the microphones. She gave us a tour of where she lived, her bedroom…"

Islam also showed the guys the orphanage classrooms where the children go for recreational activities.

"They looked like any other preschool room in the states," he says.

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