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Jordan Hembrough in his storage space. (Photo courtesy of the Travel Channel)
Posted: Thursday October 4, 2012, 2:56 PM
By Ian Spelling

Jordan Hembrough gets to make his living playing with toys. He's not only an expert toy collector and the founder of the North Jersey-based company Hollywood Heroes, he's the host of the Travel Channel's new program Toy Hunter.     "I'm very, very lucky," says Hembrough, who grew up in Washington Township, graduated from Westwood High School, and currently lives in Ridgewood with his wife, Jane, and their kids, Will and Evie.

"I got to grow up and still play with the toys I had as a child, and I get to do it every single day," Hembrough says. "Every day a new collection comes across my desk, and every day I get to walk down memory lane. The beautiful thing is that now, with the show, I truly get to bring everyone into my dream. I get to share it with everyone. I'm very fortunate."

Beyond Toys

"I'm a movie guy, so I love to go to the Ridgewood Movie Theater with my wife and kids. After seeing a movie, we'll usually eat locally in Ridgewood. My kids love Tito's Burritos.

"The Ho-Ho-Kus Inn is one of my favorite stomping grounds, and you can usually find me there at least once a week.

"Growing up, I went to The Fireplace on Route 17 in Paramus. I still go there for some of the best cheeseburgers I've eaten."

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