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Caponata with thick tomato chunks over crostini,
Posted: Friday September 7, 2012
By Elisa Ung of The Record

To the regulars at Francesca's Pizzeria in Lyndhurst: I am sorry.

I understand it's hard enough to snag one of the 16 seats here. I figured as much from the three of you shooting daggers at me through the window as you waited on the sidewalk. Not to mention the seven others sitting next to us, crammed around a table meant for four.

I realize that both the food and the service at this tiny restaurant make you feel right at home, and that the traditional Sicilian dishes such as pasta con sarde and stuffed sun-dried tomatoes can't be found just anywhere.

I know that if Francesca's were in my neighborhood and someone said that it was more than just your average pizzeria, I would demand that person's head on a thick slice of Sicilian pizza.

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