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Culinary consultant Victor Rosasco, manager Toni DeLisi and chef David Paglia of Ridgewood Fare (Photo by Amy Newman)
Posted: Thursday February 21, 2013, 11:10 AM

The west side of Ridgewood's business district has some culinary newcomers who are quite optimistic about attracting visitors across the railroad tracks.

Ridgewood Fare, featuring American fusion cuisine, is just a few doors away from the new Carlo's Bakery, made famous by a reality television show starring celebrity baker Buddy Valastro and already drawing crowds.

Ridgewood Fare will ultimately attract "foodies who recognize the processes that are taken to make flavorful foods, people who really appreciate beautifully presented, unusual comfort foods," said Toni DeLisi, the new restaurant's general manager.

"Carlo's is not competition," she said. "In fact, I know it will help us. They will bring in traffic, and people may get tired of waiting and come here. And our desserts are very different."

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