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Posted: Tuesday December 18, 2012, 4:00 PM
By Bergen.com

When 8th grade Elisabeth Morrow School student and Englewood resident Maxie Anthon learned that there were fellow students in need in her own community, she took immediate action and urged fellow students and teachers to help, thus starting the "Helping Hands Drive" initiative.

Anthon sprang into action, creating flyers and alerting fellow students that many Grieco School students could use a helping hand as a means to aid the community.

"The 'Helping Hands Drive' is reflective of the values Elisabeth Morrow Students are taught," said Aaron Cooper, Headmaster of the Elisabeth Morrow School. "We incorporate the four Cs [Cooperation, Consideration, Compassion and Courtesy] into everything we teach at EMS in an effort to create thoughtful and kind students who respond to the needs of those around them."

The drive, which began on November 13th, was inspired by Anthon's father, a technology teacher at the Dr. John Grieco Elementary School in Englewood, who had told Maxie the reality that there are many children nearby who are in need of assistance, particularly with the recent harsh weather. 

Anthon encouraged the Elisabeth Morrow School community to support these children through the Center For Food Action. Jennifer Rothman, Director of Communications at the Center for Food Action, spoke at a Morrow House Assembly informing students about the "Snack Pack Initiative" for Grieco School Students.

Elisabeth Morrow students began to collect food, toys, sneakers, and money for the Center for Food Action, and eventually gathered enough to donate to the community on Thursday, December 20th, at 5pm at the American Legion Hall in Englewood. The students will pass out all of the collected goods, including a check for $3,700, to give to those who need it most within the community.

"It is testament to that curriculum that this student-led initiative garnered such traction in the community and will truly benefit those in need," said Cooper.

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