Posted: Thursday February 14, 2013, 4:46 PM
New Addition: Relationship and Love Expert Siggy Flicker will be at Style & Beauty Week!
By Bergen.com

We are happy to announce that relationship and love expert Siggy Flicker will be at (201) Magazine's Style & Beauty Week! Siggy is the star of VH1's "Why am I still Single."

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Siggy's Biography:

Siggy believes in taking risks and is not the kind of person who stands at the edge of a pool in 98-degree heat, wondering how cold the water is. That’s not who she is or how she lives her life. She became the Siggy Flicker you know by diving in every time. If it doesn’t work, she gets out, towels off, and jumps in again. She would not be able to look her clients in the eye if she wasn’t willing to take her own advice. She leads by example because her experiences are her expertise!  She is a General of Love who has seen the front lines of war. Everyone deserves to be guided to true happiness by someone who has already found it: Siggy Flicker, the ultimate Love Picker!"

In the fast-paced world of telecommuting, mobile phones and too many voicemails, Siggy Flicker breaks down the barriers, and returns the valuable one-on-one human connection to it's rightful place of respect. Siggy Flicker has a heart of gold, a brazen personality, and a few (…okay, more than a few) witty words of wisdom to share with the world’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. Siggy uses her loud, sexy, and smart personality to its full advantage while changing the lives of anyone and everyone who is still looking for love. Siggy works and lives to point out the beauty in her clients that they can't always see for themselves, and build their confidence while supplying them with more effective dating strategies. She uses her upbeat attitude, candid charm, and positive energy to help her clients find and cultivate true love. Siggy consults clients ranging between celebrities and CEOs, to ordinary men and women struggling to navigate the dating world.

Siggy has a lifetime of real experiences. Siggy has demonstrated that even in her own personal life, true love triumphs every, single time. Siggy has been there and back in terms of relationships. Siggy was married to a wonderful man, had two adorable children, managed to get divorced with class and dignity, and remain close friends with her ex during her journey to find her true soul mate. It was then she realized that being married to a handsome and wealthy man in Boca Raton, the closet brimming with fabulous clothes, the stunning home, the full social calendar, the fleet of flashy cars, all lacked the same thing: passion. Siggy wasn’t afraid to leave behind a pampered life in search of true love. True love is about capitalizing on passion, not fortune.

As a Television Personality, Love & Life Expert, Siggy's expertise has been featured on TV shows like: Dr. Phil, CNN, Good Morning America, Good Afternoon America, The Wendy Williams Show, Access Hollywood, Dr. Drew’s Life Changer’s, VH1 Good Morning Buzz, NBC Morning News, as well as contributing her expertise on VH1’s show, “Why am I still Single?”

For more on Siggy, visit: http://siggyflicker.com/home.html