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Embellished collared dress, Gucci.com | Bavna ring, Saks Fifth Avenue, The Shops at Riverside | metallic strappy sandals, Jimmy Choo, NYC (Photo by Chris Marksbury)
Posted: Tuesday June 11, 2013, 4:01 PM
By Heather Zwain:

During the day you can find Christine Implicito, a busy mother of three, in a relaxed layered look of a Vince tank top, sweater and scarf over a pair of jeans. Her ensemble is practical, comfortable and classic with an urban feel. On the other hand, Implicito also enjoys ladylike dressing and accomplishes that by adding a tailored trench coat over any outfit when going out with friends for a quick lunch or shopping trip.

"I like something different and not boring," she says.

Her Franklin Lakes home is a beautiful combination of feminine and masculine, with much attention to detail shown throughout, from the woodwork and moldings to the artwork and sculptures, and a soft color palette used in the main rooms. The bottom level boasts a comfortable English pub and wine cellar with stone-  work and reclaimed wood throughout. However, her favorite place to be is her makeup area, which was a birthday present from her husband and designed by Fritz Krieger. The space is a mixture of mirrors and exquisite moldings, with a vanity that houses her favorite perfumes and renderings of the space, and a fluffy cream-colored Mongolian lamb ottoman.

"This space is my sanctuary," Implicito says. "It is beautiful and perfect for me."

When dressing for a charity event at night, Implicito prefers to shop in her own closet – a space with attention to detail from the soft green walls to the designer vintage gold-leaf signs and the glass cabinet displaying her favorite treasures. She prefers to have core staple pieces in her wardrobe that can be updated with accessories, like a crocodile skin clutch and a pair of heels.

"I buy dresses and outfits that are timeless so I can wear them at a moment's notice," she says. "I'm not necessarily buying them because I need them, but because I like them."

Implicito enjoys traveling with her husband and children and finding vintage jewelry or pieces with a vintage feel as keepsakes.

"It has become a hobby for me," she says. "When I wear the jewelry purchased abroad, it brings me back to that trip and makes me happy."

Her concept on dressing is easy: "Keep it simple, don't overdo it. You can make any outfit come to life if you feel good about yourself, are healthy and confident."

Having lived in New York City for many years, Implicito finds it very important to take trips over the bridge and enjoy the energy of the busy city.

"It's important to grow culturally," she says. "I love going to the museums, concerts, theaters, looking at the architecture and getting inspiration from all that I see."

Besides juggling the busy school and sports schedules of her three children, Implicito is an active volunteer in the school district and is involved with the Friends of HackensackUMC. She plays paddle during the winter and tennis throughout the spring and summer months.





At Hackensack University Medical Center events with (Above) Susan Burgess and Kristen Scott-Pisa and (left) Heather Choi

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