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Tony Nabhan wears Hugo Boss private label suit; Hugo Boss shirt; Valentino tie; Burberry cufflinks; Gucci loafers, all from Saks Fifth Avenue, The Shops at Riverside.
Posted: Friday November 2, 2012, 2:50 PM
By Bergen.com

From the time Tony Nabhan was a young boy, he had a passion for fashion.

“My father was a clothing designer in Lebanon, specializing in men’s custom suits and women’s dresses,” Nabhan says. “I was wearing custom suits as a 4-year-old.”

Growing up with fashion-minded sisters, certainly added to his love for all things having to do with style.

“I have always preferred to be overdressed rather than underdressed,” Nabhan says. “I feel more comfortable that way, and I would definitely say my father instilled that in me.”

Nabhan describes his style as classic mixed with trendy, leaning toward the adventurous side. Not one to play it safe, he would rather try something new and extreme when it comes to clothing, especially when dressing down.

“I wear bright colors and funky sneakers,” he says. “I feel like my style stands out, but I like it and I prefer not to blend in.”

When dressing up, Nabhan favors brands such as Ferragamo, Burberry and Hugo Boss.

“I mostly shop online, but when I do shop in Bergen County, it’s predominantly at The Shops at Riverside,” he says.

“I’m definitely an accessories guy,” he adds. “I love shoes, watches and belts. I wear everything from brand names to no-names.”

Nabhan is the co-owner of two Lebanese restaurants – La’Ziza in Clifton and La’Mezza in Englewood. His love for style is apparent from his Englewood restaurant, which he designed.

“I took my love and passion for fashion and parlayed it into the design,” he says. “I wanted to evoke a romantic and intimate feeling, so I chose a darker color palette of black and gold.”

The velvet damask wallpaper adds vtexture to the walls in the dimly lit restaurant, while the brass light fixtures, which Nabhan designed, add ambiance. The high-gloss black chandeliers complement the glossy, dark wood tables and juxtapose the rustic reclaimed wooden beams.

“It’s a mix between masculine and feminine,” Nabhan says. “There are a lot of textures throughout the space, from the brick walls to the wallpaper to the plastered and stucco ceilings.

“My primary job is a commercial broker for Keller Williams Real Estate for the past eight years,” he says. “It’s really my number one passion, but three years ago, I decided to open something on the side, and that’s why I got into the restaurant business. I’m spontaneous and aggressive when it comes to business and I took a big risk, but it has paid off.

“I believe in quiet confidence, shown through the way someone carries themselves – their walk, their posture, their attitude,” Nabhan says. “You can tell a lot about someone without them saying a word. That’s fashion.”

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