Teresa Giudice on Celebrity Apprentice.
Teresa Giudice on Celebrity Apprentice.
Posted: Monday March 12, 2012
Celebrity Apprentice Episode 4: Teresa Giudice’s family get a walk-on role
By Virginia Rohan of The Record

From The Beat of NJ Blog

The assignment this week was to create a 10 minute presentation about Buick’s new Verano, followed by a Q&A about the car. During the women’s big show, Teresa Giudice — at the request of project manager Debbie Gibson — had husband “Juicy” Joe Giudice and three of her four daughters walk across the stage, pulling luggage. They got a big laugh. The idea was that the car would be roomy enough to accommodate a family and all their stuff. (In reality, what car could ever handle all the baggage that this particular Montville family has accumulated?)

As for the men’s team, Donald Trump could not have made it more clear that he thought race-car driver Michael Andretti should be the project manager.

But comic Adam Carolla really wanted to take charge this week, and Andretti seemed more than willing to let him do that. And so, when the men’s team lost this week’s challenge, both Carolla and Andretti wound up getting fired.

Carolla had nobly refused to choose two teammates to take to the boardroom with him, saying that as the project manager, he should be the one fired. But the gesture backfired. Trump retaliated by firing an additional person. It was between Lou Ferrigno — who’s on the chopping block every week — and Andretti, who earlier in the show had said, “The only job [Lou] really wans is to pull his shirt off and act like he’s the Hulk.”

Trump nonetheless chose Andretti, booting him for refusing to step up. But he also put Ferrigno on notice that he has to stop griping about not getting anything to do. And Lou’s teammates made it clear to him that he has to be willing to do more for the team than  just suggest that he do play-fighting or flex his muscles.

On the Forte front, there was lots of cattiness among the women. Aubrey O’Day thought that her project manager, saying, “We have Debbie Gibson having her comeback tour. Whether you bought a ticket or not, you’re gonna hear her sing.” Meow.

Gibson made note that, during her part of the presentation, O’Day got the name of the car wrong, twice. She called it the “Verona,” a slip that later appalled Trump.

Giudice and Tia Carrere felt marginalized during this week’s assignments. While they both had stage roles, they were made to ride in the “uncool van,” and felt that Gibson was dismissive of their ideas. This came to a head in the boardroom, when Gibson chose those two for potential firing. Push never did come to shove, because the women’s team won. But both Trump and daughter Ivanka noted that Teresa’s “persona” to date does not match what they expected. In other words, she’s been quiet and not so colorful.

Gibson later apologized to Giudice and they hugged. But Giudice said to the camera that Gibson was being “fake.”

Overall, it was a dull and drawn-out two-hour episode. Next week’s challenge seems to involve a floor mop, and Lou appears to take the lead on this one. Will Teresa step up, too? Will she mop the floor with Gibson?