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Posted: Thursday September 6, 2012, 5:57 PM
By BILL ERVOLINO of The Record

Who remembers the old Paramus Drive-In on Route 4?

Karen Petri Summers of Ringwood does. She was there in 1973 to see "The Poseidon Adventure," a mega-hit that helped feed that decade's insatiable appetite for disaster movies.

The film, released the previous December, went on to win two Oscars (for its song and visual effects) and, according to Summers, it "had everything. A love story, a tidal wave, things flying all over the place. It was the perfect movie to see on a warm night, sitting under the stars with a big bag of popcorn. Seeing it at an indoor theater wouldn't have been the same."

Karen Salemi, who grew up in Elmwood Park, went to the Paramus Drive-In to see The Beatles' "Help!" and "A Hard Day's Night," as well as "some other movie starring The Dave Clark Five." (They made only one: "Having a Wild Weekend.")

Salemi couldn't remember the title, but she remembered where she saw it.

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