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Posted: Thursday May 31, 2012, 2:22 PM
By Amelia Duggan

The sun can do wonderful – and terrible – things to your hair. Yes, it brightens highlights, but is also can damage hair and leave it dry and unmanageable. A broad-brimmed hat is a surefire way to protect your hair, face and neck from the sun's damaging rays. But when it's time to hit the surf or dive into the pool, there are some other ways to ensure that your hair beats the heat.

Before swimming, rinse hair with water and comb through conditioner. This will add a layer of protection before you take a dip.

After you've dunked your head in the pool or ocean, be sure to rinse away salt and chlorine by soaking it with club soda. Chlorine buildup is especially damaging to blondes, often turning hair green. Naturally blonde and color-treated hair is equally affected by pool chemicals. If club soda doesn't do the trick, treat the affected tresses with baking soda to remove the chlorine and restore the color. Or purchase a shampoo designed to purify hair and remove chemical buildup.

When swimming and sunning are done for the day, add a few drops of oil to wet hair – avoiding the scalp – and blow dry for a smooth, silky look. The oil can also be applied to dry hair to give it sheen.

Hair reflects more sun when it is smooth and straight, making it appear a lighter shade.

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