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Posted: Wednesday May 23, 2012, 2:30 PM
By Bergen.com

Bravo's "Pregnant in Heels" mom, Mina-Jacqueline Au and her husband, Herman Poon celebrated their son Tyler's second birthday this past Saturday with a Le Petit Prince-themed party.

Tyler and 15 of his friends started the day bouncing in a giant castle and were visited by Scooby Doo and a clown that did face painting and tattoos. Separate adult & children buffets were set up for an early dinner.

The party took place at a beautiful Franklin Lakes home, known as The Long Brook Estate, owned by Tyler's godmother, Pamela Jacinto.

To prepare for the party, Pamela spent an entire week transforming her home into the fantasy land of Le Petit Prince, filling it with stars, asteroids, sheep and more from the classic story. Special floral arrangements were also made from red roses into planets. The day ended with a special cake designed by Palermo's Bakery.

Mina & Herman decided to incorporate charity into the party. Guests brought gently worn shoes from their wee ones and dropped them in the collection box that Mina & Herman had set up for Donate Your Old Shoes, a charity that provides shoes to underprivileged families that cannot afford them. Mina commented, "We have the luxury of buying shoes for our children [...] as they grow. We take that for granted sometimes. This is also a good way to show our children that there are others out there that we have to be responsible for and help."

Check out the full story in this September's issue of (201) Family to see more pictures from the party.

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