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Evelyn Quigley, owner of Making Chocolate in Dumont. Photo by: Anne-Marie Caruso
Posted: Friday February 3, 2012, 2:18 PM
By Ryan Greene

As far as Evelyn Quigley is concerned, only one thing matches the fun of eating chocolate. And that's making chocolate. Quigley owns and operates Making Chocolate in Dumont, an everything-in-one-place make-your-own-chocolate shop. She sells flavorings, colorings, accessories and molds – 5,000 styles of them – for creating chocolate confections. Oh, and don't forget the chocolate itself. The shop sells Merckens coating chocolate in milk, dark and white varieties.
Customers will find walls stuffed with molds, including a season-specific holiday wall. So this month, lovebirds can choose from hearts, cupids, engagement rings and many more Valentine-friendly options.

"From start to finish, you can do your own project," Quigley says. "Or if you're not so inclined, hire me to do it for you."

Quigley spends much of her time crafting custom orders, which can include "endless possibilities." That's part of what makes making chocolate so appealing.

"You can make up your own things," she says. "You can let loose and have fun."

Quigley has been doing just that since she was 8 years old, when her mother came home from a chocolate-making class and taught her daughter what she had learned. At first she enjoyed it for fun, but eventually Quigley decided to make a career of it. Nine years ago, she walked into Making Chocolate and offered to work there for free as long as they'd teach her everything they knew. They made her a manager.

"Nine years later," she says with a laugh, "I bought the store."

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