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Jency Joseph, a volunteer in the Physical Therapy department of Englewood Hospital Medical Center. She started volunteering in 2004. Photo by: Anne-Marie Caruso
Posted: Tuesday January 3, 2012, 1:35 PM
By Ryan Greene

Hospitals thrive on the help of countless volunteers of every age and stripe, and Englewood Hospital and Medical Center is no exception. But perhaps few volunteers are as dedicated as Bergenfield resident Jency Joseph, who so far has dedicated seven years of her young life to the patients at EHMC.

Joseph started volunteering at the hospital in 2004, when she was a freshman at Bergen County Academies. Her older brother and sister, Jain and Lincy, had put in time there when they were in high school, and Joseph decided it was her turn.

"I wanted to help out in the community," she says. "So I visited Englewood Hospital and then kept going back.  Everyone is really great, and they really want to help you. It's a great atmosphere to be in."

Flash forward seven years, and much has changed in Joseph's life. She graduated in 2007 from BCA's Academy of Medical Science and Technology and then in 2011 from The College of New Jersey with honors in biology. Now she interns at the Focus Center in Englewood and is applying to graduate schools for physical therapy.

Joseph's devotion to EHMC, though, remains constant – even as her position there has changed too. She started out in the courtesy department, helping nurses, bringing patients water, transferring patients to new rooms. And she earned the hospital's volunteer of the year award in 2007. But after dabbling in departments throughout the hospital, Joseph fell in love with physical therapy.

"I really liked what the physical therapists were doing," Joseph says, "helping to get someone's life back on track."

Now she spends her time at EHMC assisting with patients' physical therapy.

"I can go to grad school knowing how these muscles work,"she says. "How to strengthen these muscles. So it's really educational for me as well."

But when grad school begins, does Joseph's tenure at EHMC end? Joseph says no.

"I really hope to continue it," she says. "I would love to come back."

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