Posted: Friday July 15, 2011, 1:38 PM
On the Streets of Bergen: What is your favorite activity to do in Bergen on a rainy day?

What is your favorite activity to do in Bergen on a rainy day?

Samantha Ullrich, 21
“On a rainy day, I like to catch up on cooking and baking so I’ll venture out to Chef Central and look around for any new cooking supplies I could use to help me become more creative and spruce up a boring, rainy day.”

Melanie Orinski, 21

“I like to go to Bikram Hot Yoga in Westwood because if you can’t workout outside, it gives an outlet to work inside. It brings the warmth of the sun right into the room while it’s raining outside”

Regina Clark, (didn’t want to reveal age)

“Rainy days are a great time to explore the great indoors. I might go to a local bookstore and peruse the shelves, or even visit the children's section with my own children. ”

Jason Krisza, 21

“I like to get off campus and go down the road to Kinchley’s for a nice thin crust pie because they’re so good there and it’s a great way to spend that kind of day eating something good.”

Anne Barretta, 50

“My favorite Bergen County rainy day activity is spent cooking in my kitchen: My refrigerator is full of fruits, vegetables, meats and exotic cheeses from Cafasso’s Fairway Market in Fort Lee. I’ll then open a bottle of pinot noir from Total Wine in River Edge, and while drinking a glass, I’ll be stirring multiple fragrant pots on my stove and baking biscotti made from my grandmother’s recipe.”

Rick Brown, (didn’t want to reveal age)

“Meet friends to go for a dinner and a movie at Westfield Garden State Plaza.”

Ivy Nicole Payne, 32

"My favorite activity to do in Bergen on a rainy day is walk around Paramus Park Mall with my son, Bryan. It's not as big as the other malls in the area so it's not as overwhelming.  It's so bright inside - even on a rainy day it's filled with light."