Posted: Friday May 11, 2012
Person-To-Person: Park Ridge native Stephanie Ruhle is Business Minded
By Ian Spelling

Stephanie Ruhle thrived on Wall Street for many years, specializing in hedge funds and, perhaps most notably, founding the Global Markets Women's Network at Deutsche Bank. Then, as always, she identified and seized an opportunity, and now Ruhle – who grew up in Park Ridge – co-anchors the Bloomberg Television program Inside Track, which examines the major business, economic and political news of the day.

"I have my husband and our two young sons at home [in Manhattan]. My sons are 3 and 5. During the week, I spend my time in Tribeca, where we live, but we really do spend weekends in New Jersey. My mom and dad still live in Park Ridge, and my older sister is in Ridgewood. We're in Ridgewood every Sunday because my sister has two young daughters.

"For my kids, Ridgewood is like heaven. They live in a pretty cool, hipster Tribeca neighborhood, with rock stars all over the place, and all my kids want to do is eat at Baumgart's on a Sunday. I also eat at Esty Street and The Park Steakhouse, and I've got to give a nod to The Ridge Diner.

"Inside Track is our first show of the day here [airing 6-8 a.m., Monday through Friday] and it's a world-news show, so we cover all markets. It's great because it's the same stuff I've focused on my whole career, and now I get to do it on television. It's not even that big of a change because I spent years surrounded by unbelievably talented people in the financial industry, learning from them, working with them. Now I'm interviewing thought leaders in the financial industry and I'm bringing on so many of the people I've worked with. These are my colleagues, clients and friends, and it's been fantastic for me and for Bloomberg.

"Park Ridge is a small and incredibly supportive community. It instilled in me this idea that you can do anything you want if you believe in yourself and you work hard. I know from some of the nonprofit work I do that there are so many girls who don't get to grow up in an amazing place like Bergen County, who never have someone tell them they're smart or talented or tell them, 'I love you.' Every single day of my life someone said, 'I love you,' and it made me know I can do anything.

"There's a lot of business reporting that goes on, and my goal is to break it down for our viewers," Ruhle says. "I want to be the voice of, not necessarily the Wall Street insider, but the Wall Street educator, who can break down these markets so that a professional can get it and a personal investor can get it."