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Co-founder and creative director Sora Lee moves each element into place, putting the final touches on a stylish Valentine's tabletop décor. (Photo by Anne-Marie Caruso)
Posted: Wednesday February 13, 2013, 10:59 AM
By Amelia Duggan - (201) Magazine

After many successful years as event designers on the Manhattan scene, married couple Anthony Brown and Sora Lee decided to bring their special brand of elegance and expertise to Bergen, establishing Visions in the spring of 2012.

In a business where romantic settings are of paramount importance, these two design professionals have created a series of vignettes for (201) that will set the fires of passion ablaze this Valentine's Day. Organic materials are combined with modern and sophisticated elements to create charming and inspiring aesthetics.

"I fell in love with his flowers before I fell in love with the man with the talent," Lee says. "Our paths crossed professionally, and we quickly realized that there was an enormous chemistry."

Brown agrees emphatically.

"Sora and I," he says, "when we first met there was an energy, an understanding and an appreciation for design and that's what brought us together – the love of design and beauty. That was the nucleus, and from there we fell in love."

Lee and Brown collaborated so successfully on projects that it brought them together personally. They believe the diversity of their cultural and professional backgrounds is what makes their work stand apart. The veritable yin and yang of event design, the couple combines their individual strengths with their combined passion.

Lee is more the front person in the business – clients express their ideas and dreams to her. Brown is the person who executes those visions and makes clients' dreams come true.

Brown says one key to their business's success is the personal relationships they forge with clients.

"You really have to embrace the client, their life and desires and what they want us to present," he says. "You really have to get deep with the client to make that all possible."

Lee says Visions is more than an event service – it is a lifestyle boutique.

"Visions has expanded its services," she says, "renting out their showroom for bridal showers, birthday and anniversary parties. They have also established a floral concierge service where customers can register favorite flowers and special dates – a truly happy arrangement."

Brown sums up the passion he and Lee share for their work.

"The love of design and of each other is what inspires us to create," he says. "That's what we're proud of and that's what drives our business and our life together."

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