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Robert C. Garrett, president and chief executive officer, Hackensack University Health Network; Laura Garrett; Lawrence Inserra, chairman, HackensackUMC Board of Governors; Inez Inserra; Pam Simunovich; Joseph Simunovich, chairman, Hackensack University Health Network Board of Trustees (Photo by Seth Litroff)
   September 16, 2014, 2:49 PM
Jen La Rue, Matt Aderhold, Kelly Sheehan and Andrea Turner (Photo by Jeremy Smith)
   August 25, 2014, 8:00 AM
Stacey and Melissa Dueker (Photo by Richard Formicola)
   July 14, 2014, 11:50 AM
Monica Borg, Jen Maxfield, Lori Stokes, Manuela Seigerman and Jovannie Lorenzo (Photo by Tav Jinivizian)
   May 14, 2014, 2:09 PM
Ava Mandala, Maryanne Mandala, Angel Tasco, Mikela Lynch, Kellie Brown, Kelly Zaccaria, Kathy Zaccaria, Sue Tarabocchia (Photo by Richard Formicola)
   May 5, 2014, 1:07 PM
Mayor Frank Huttle, Stephen Borg, James Dunn (Photo by Eugene Parciasepe, Jr.)
   April 3, 2014, 4:01 PM
Rafa Fader, Megan Maute, Randi Murein, owner, Darlene Ferrare (Photo by Charlene Wisnewski)
   March 23, 2014, 4:49 PM
Jody Kunisch, Rochelle Filippone, Lisa Kloster & Jessica Piccolo (Photo by Kevin Lackey)
   March 12, 2014, 10:47 AM
Alexis Travalja, Eliza Armstrong, Tina and Chris Tilyou (Photo by Tav Jinivizian)
   January 15, 2014, 12:00 AM
Tammy Molinelli; Jackie Lue Raia; Cynthia Forster (Photo by Seth Litroff)
   November 20, 2013, 11:43 PM
Frances Ekblom, Megan Fraser and Marie Bicks (Photo by Chris Marksbury)
   November 19, 2013, 10:07 AM
Mary Ann Schwanewede (Make A Change Founder), Noreen Springstead and Dominique Entelis (Photo by Jeremy Smith)
   November 18, 2013, 3:22 PM
Mariana Kinkella, Sue Petruzzella, Jen DeBello (Photo by Charlene Wisnewski)
   November 8, 2013, 4:01 AM
Delia Appice, Nancy and Diego Robalino, Nancy Colucci (Photo by Richard Formicola)
   October 15, 2013, 12:10 AM
Erica Tate, Gabby Tate, Jeremy Solid, Dana Tate and Yon Baker. (Photo by Jeremy Smith)
   September 10, 2013, 11:27 AM
Committee members (Photo by Richard Formicola)
   May 15, 2013, 12:51 AM
David Benjamin, Cheryl Avino, Joanne Tullo, Cynthia Chaaine, Vicki Linporff of ECLC (Photo by Richard Formicola)
   April 15, 2013, 6:56 AM
Debbie and Alyssa Lombardi with Marie Osmond. (Photo by Chris Marksbury)
   April 2, 2013, 1:42 PM
Military Bridge Committee - front row: Laura Babilonia, Mary Beth Nappi, Denise Bernhard. Back row: Naomi Sullivan, Jami Foschini, Stephanie Geisler, AnnMarie Trimmer, Tara Perino, Nancy Jean Clynes, Jen Urana, Kristie DiMenna (Photo by Hildi Borkowski)
   March 29, 2013, 2:42 PM
Karyn Rosenberg, Robyn Abrams, Stacy Perone-Arcese, Cathy Scalia, Nicole Martin (Photo by Richard Formicola)
   March 11, 2013, 1:34 PM
Joseph Pedone, President Paramus Chamber Education Foundation; Mike Epstein, Paramus Chamber Board; Linda Panagia, Chairperson Paramus Chamber; Mayor Richard LaBarbiera, Paramus Mayor; Elaine Winter, Director Paramus Chamber Board; Lauren Tudor, Zinburger General Manager; Chef Sean Wentz, Zinburger; Michelle McGuire, Vice President Emerging Brands. (Photo by Eugene Parciasepe, Jr.)
   January 16, 2013, 11:16 PM
Sponsors Jeanne Stevenson, Monica Raczkowski, and Kaitlin Bolukbas of Blue Moon Mexican Cafe in Wyckoff. (Photo by Tav Jinivizian)
   January 16, 2013, 12:31 AM
Rebecca Rubenstein, Martha Fickinger, Maureen McTigue (Photo by Charlene Wisnewski)
   January 15, 2013, 12:59 AM
Michelle Anderson; Gabrielle Winnert; Amy Kammen; Ann Chase; Michele Opper (Photo by Seth Litroff)
   January 2, 2013, 2:18 PM
Kelly Spitzley, Erica Rivera, Janette Avallon, Lisa Fox, Lenora Klein. (Photo by Sergio Gomez)
   November 15, 2012, 3:37 PM
Kate Skrobala, Cristina Motta (Photo by Richard Formicola)
   November 14, 2012, 3:44 PM
Miles Austin, Stacey Sydlo, Jennifer Austin, Ann and Miles Austin, Jr. (Photo by Chris Marksbury)
   June 27, 2012, 2:05 PM
Gianluca Bubbico, Joe Granelli, Chris Manzo and Albie Manzo repping blk water. (Photo by Jeremy Smith)
   May 2, 2012, 9:59 AM
Teresa Giudice, Rosana Harms, Kim Racioppi, Lisa Fortunatano (Photo by Richard Formicola)
   April 23, 2012, 11:12 AM
Lisa Fabris; Soneca Guadara; Dina Robinson; Cindy Bitensky. (Photo by Eugene Parciasepe, Jr.)
   March 7, 2012, 1:39 AM
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